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Before We Are Married  (B-WAM)

  1. Group-based Marriage Preparation Course (BH MPC):

The objective of this course is to prepare courting couples for a lifelong marriage, based on God's design. The foundation of the course is based on Christian beliefs, and the principles and practices are applicable for every relationship and marriage. Whilst the content is geared primarily for pre-marital couples, it is also relevant and useful for those who are newly wed or within the first 3 years of their marriage.


The course includes the following topics: 


The 4 Pillars of Marriage: 

  • Becoming The Right One

  • God’s Design for Marriage

  • Principle of Leaving

  • Principle of Cleaving

          Practical issues and tips like the following will be covered in the sessions:

  • Communication & Conflict Management

  • Financial Management

  • In-Law Relationships

  • 5 key Intimacy Areas

Upon completion of the MPC, couples can opt for a Marriage Mentor to journey with them focusing on just their relationship, using SYMBIS at no extra cost. How ever if the couple opt for PREPARE- ENRICH (PE), they will have to bear the cost of USD35 to take the PE assessment. The cost of SYMBIS is also at USD35 but this will be included in the cost when couples attend our MPC.

Course Duration: 5 x 3 hour sessions

Cost: SGD150 per couple   

Group-based Marriage Preparation Course 2024 Schedule 

Note: For learning purposes we only take 8 couples per course for MPC.

 2. Couple-based Relationship Mentoring


The courting couple will take the online PREPARE/ENRICH or SYMBIS assessment and our Marriage Mentor will walk the couple through a programme that will focus on strength and growth areas that are unique to the couple.  The Marriage Mentor will provide guidance as well as help the couple identify issues that may arise in the relationship. Through this programme, we aim to help the couple understand their uniqueness and the reality of a lifelong relationship in marriage. 


Cost: SGD150 per couple (excluding USD35 for the online PREPARE/ENRICH or SYMBIS assessment)


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