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Our Marriage Mentors

Bridging Heart's Marriage Mentors are all volunteers and they do not receive any payment for their work with Bridging Hearts. All our volunteers are trained marriage mentors and Certified PREPARE-ENRICH Facilitators. Many are also Certified SYMBIS Facilitators.

Adrian n Mae.jpg

Adrian & Mae

Adrian is happily married to his wife Mae since 1991and together they have a lovely adult daughter. Both Adrian and Mae are PREPARE-ENRICH and SYMBIS Certified Facilitators.

Adrian is the founder of Sower’s Wheat, a ministry with the burden to teach the full counsel of God’s Word. He has published two books – Call of God and God’s Intended Intimacy, as well as many articles that offered exponential book and topical studies into the Word of God.


All his written works can be found in his website

Mae had worked full-time with the church for a season. Since leaving full-time employment, she had joined Adrian in his mission trips, serving and supporting various ministries around the world.

By the grace of God, the ministry has brought both Adrian and Mae to minister in many nations in South East Asia, China, Taiwan, South Africa, North America and Brazil. Adrian is also a regular speaker for YWAM Family Ministry School, teaching “Intimacy in Marriage”.

Amos, BA (Education), PE Certified Facilitator 
Nancy, BA (Psychology & Sociology), PGDE, PE Certified Facilitator

Amos and Nancy have been married since 2003 and have two children.


Both have been in the education services for more than 26 years.


They have benefitted greatly from being mentored in their own marriage and believe that having God in their lives is crucial in their marriage.

Building a strong and Godly marriage takes intentional effort, otherwise couples will be overwhelmed by pursuit of career, children or even grandchildren. Couples in distress can rekindle their love for each other, which may have been lost over the season resulting in cracks in their marriages.


Amos & Nancy are excited to share their testimony on how mentoring has helped them save their marriage. They want to to pay it forward by using their own journey to help couples build a healthy, happy and long-lasting relationship.

Anthony & Katherine.jpg

Anthony Ngo, B Sc Computer Science, PE Certified Facilitator, SYMBIS Certified Facilitator

Katherine Hui, BSc Management Information System, Msc Real Estate, PE Certified Facilitator, SYMBIS Certified Facilitator

"There is no more important commitment in time or eternity than marriage."- Henry B. Eyring

Anthony and Katherine have been married since 2012. Born and bred in the same neighbourhood in Manila, Philippines and having gone to the same university there, their paths only crossed when they met in a church in Singapore. Even as a young adult couple, circumstances and their own convictions cemented a burden to build strong, God-honouring marriages. 

Professionally, Anthony has over 15 years of work experience in IT. He remains an IT enthusiast who currently works in a tech start-up. Prior to this role, he took 2 years off as an intern and church staff. At home, Anthony is a natural DIY handyman who loves to brew coffee, read history and F1, and has an interesting coin collection.

Katherine has also over 15 years work experience in the commercial real estate sector and has recently pivoted into the finance industry. Given her flair for art and crafts, she also pursued floral design and writes/read poetry. She values friendships, enjoys good conversations and trying out new places and recipes, appreciates humour and keeping things organised.

Together, Anthony and Katherine believe that marriage should not be relegated to the sidelines as the couple pursues other things, but God and His call for marriage are worthwhile pursuits in and of themselves. They were involved as facilitators in the church's programmes for unchurched pre-married and married couples, and also facilitated at marriage retreats. Anthony and Katherine were also the pioneer batch of participants in the Marriage Mentoring Training conducted by Focus on the Family.   


Arthur & Chee Siah


Arthur & Chee Siah have been happily married since 1997 and are proud parents of 3 wonderful children.

Arthur & Chee Siah, both professional counsellors and trainers, have been serving couples and parents together for 25 years, conducting talks, workshops and training for organizations, churches, and the community, as well as working with individuals in counselling. They have been invited to speak on radio and TV programmes. They are also actively serving couples through “Couple Conversation” that provides the foundation for couples to build their relationship and conflict recovery skills, enhancing intimacy and enjoying a loving and lasting marriage.

They are passionate about strengthening the marriages of Christian couples so that they can continue to grow God’s love and be the testimony of hope and joy to serve the community at large! 

Arthur holds a BA Social Work, MS Applied Psychology & Grad Dip Family & Marital Therapy. He is a  Certified PREP instructor and PE Seminar Director. He is also a Certified DISC and MBTI facilitator.

Chee Siah holds a Master in Counselling. She is a Certified PREP Instructor, PE Seminar Director, Certified DISC Behavioural Consultant and a Certified Brief Solution-Focus Coach.

Both Arthur & Chee Siah are also SYMBIS Certified Facilitators.

Arun & Erlean

PE Certified Facilitators

Arun and Erlean were married in 2003 and have three children. They are from India and have made Singapore their home since 2006.


They have been volunteering in  church as well as served in  missions for many years. Both Arun and Erlean have a burden for families. They believe that strong families starts with strong marriages. 

Having gone through their own marital journey with all its ups and downs, they hope to be able to journey with other couples to strengthen marital relationship and build strong families.

Arun works in a bank, and Erlean is a home maker and seamstress.

Bryan & Carolyn

PE Certified Facilitators


Bryan & Carolyn have been married since 2018 and are proud parents to 2 young children. It is by God's grace that they are able to come together and be united as one. Bryan is an engineer by profession, preferring hands on work to paper work. Carolyn is a senior manager at a fostering agency and firmly believes in the importance of family for a child's healthy development.

Bryan & Carolyn have been serving together in the church as cell leaders and mentors. They have a strong passion for building healthy marriages, having seen the pains of many distressed and broken marriages. They hope to bridge the gap by bringing the good news and the joy and excitement of marriage to the couples they interact with, just as how God had intended marriages to be.

Chee Kiat & Elaine


Chee Kiat aka CK and Elaine are happily married since 1995 and have 3 young adult sons. Both Chee Kiat & Elaine are PREPARE-ENRICH and SYMBIS Certified Facilitators. Both are accountants by profession though in recent years, Elaine has found more joy volunteering with the underprivileged. CK has recently left his corporate job and now spends time volunteering with charities and Christian organisations. Having enjoyed and benefited from attending marriage enrichment workshops, CK and Elaine signed up to be marriage mentors to be a blessing to other couples in their marriage journeys. They also serve God through various bible study, marriage and language ministries.

To this couple, a good marriage is a partnership where each other’s idiosyncrasies are accepted, and the deepest and most mundane are shared. Their motto is “YOLO ! Enjoy each day and make the most of what God provides”.

Daniel Lee & Esther Chong

Daniel & Esther have been married since 1996. They have two young adult sons. Through their marriage, they have experienced the different ups and downs, but they persevered and that had molded and shaped them. Today, they are more conscientious than ever to intentionally build and invest in their marriage. By the grace and mercy of their loving God, they are now more satisfied and happier as a couple. 


To them,  a good marriage is one that displays vulnerability and authenticity with God and each other, making time for intimate connection with support and respect for one another.


Both Daniel and Esther are PREPARE-ENRICH and SYMBIS Certified Facilitators. They also spend much of their time volunteering with social services and helping those in need.

Daniel & Janice

Daniel and Janice have been married since 1996 with an adult son. 


Both are PREPARE-ENRICH Certified Facilitators.

They have benefitted greatly from being mentored in their own marriage and strongly believe that having God in their lives is critical for any godly marriage to work. Over the past years, they have been working with couples preparing for marriage as well as helping married couples towards a stronger and healthier marriage.

Building a marriage with God takes humility and intentional effort. Recognizing that every couple is uniquely different, Daniel & Janice seek to journey with them through the sharing of their real struggles, pains and also joy in building a strong and lasting relationship.

Daniel has over 25 years of experience in Sales and Janice worked as an admin and coordinator role for over 30 years.

Eddie & Ming 

Eddie and Ming have been married since 1986 and are proud parents of an adult son. Both Eddie and Ming are PREPARE-ENRICH and SYMBIS Certified Facilitators.

Eddie is currently a Director in an MNC and an Associate Lecturer with SIM.  Ming had worked with the social service sector for 15 years. Both are Certified PE & SYMBIS Facilitators.

Eddie and Ming have developed Marriage Matters (MM), a group-based Marriage Mentoring programme.   The programme serves to empower and spur couples to build God-centric marriages. They believe not only in mentoring the couples, but also in encouraging peer mentoring among the couples they work with. As a couple, they believe that investing in the lives of couples is an act of faith where they are able to see the hand of God in each and every couple who has been placed in their lives.

Edison & Abigail


Edison & Abigail have been married since 2014 with a daughter.

Edison works in the IT industry, and had served in the church as a full time staff before transiting back into the IT industry.  Abigail is a home maker, prior to this she was a center manager in a social services agency. Both Edison and Abigail are PREPARE ENRICH Certified Facilitators 

Both of them grew up in broken families with marriages that had broken down.

Edison and Abigail might not have believed in the institution of marriage had it not been for the grace and wisdom they found in God's Word and the faith community who had supported and helped them.

Drawing from their own journey and the love they have for people, they have been mentoring and providing guidance to individuals and couples within their faith community and neighbourhood.


Edison and Abigail are passionate about walking alongside others in their journey towards a strong and faith-centered marriages. 

Elvin Tay, B. Engr, MBA, Advanced TA Cert, Trained Coach, DiSC Behavioural Consultant, Certified Facilitator for EQ-i 2.0 / EQ 360 / PEAKS Personality Profiling / IDENTI3 Profiling, PE Certified Facilitator.

Hong Hong Loh, B. Acc., MSc (Counselling), G. Dip. (Spiritual Formation), Transactional Analysis (TA) 101/ EQ-i 2.0 / EQ 360 Certified Facilitator, PE Certified Facilitator.

Elvin and Hong have been married since 1990 and are proud parents of 3 wonderful children and a son-in-law. 

Elvin spent more than 20 years in a corporate leadership role, dedicating much time in developing the healthcare business in the Asia Pacific region.  In 2013, Elvin joined a leadership consultancy firm that focuses on the development of leaders. Elvin is currently one of the Principal Learning Consultants in the firm.

After spending 36 years in finance and general management roles, Hong retired from corporate life at the end of 2023 to focus on serving the community through counselling and mentoring ministries.   Hong is currently a Counsellor in her home church as well as in TRAC Lead’s Healing the Inmost Spirit (HIS) Ministry.

Elvin and Hong have been serving together in recent years through conducting workshops in their home church on topics relating to Emotional Intelligence and profiling using Transactional Analysis.

Elvin and Hong have been greatly blessed through their marriage mentoring journey and training with their mentors in Bridging Heart. Their mentors’ authentic and sincere attitudes provided a safe platform for them to evaluate and reflect on their marriage journey. They were humbled to discover new insights, skills and practices to further enrich their marriage of 34 years. Inspired by this experience, they, too, hope to be mentors who equip and empower couples with knowledge and skills for a healthy and enriching marriage.

Francis & Jocelyn 

Francis and Jocelyn have been married since 2000 and are blessed with a son and two daughters. Both Francis & Jocelyn are PREPARE-ENRICH and SYMBIS Certified Facilitators. 

Shortly after they got married, they entered into full-time pastoral ministry. Being newly married, they had to learn how to navigate life together as one. They also had to deal with the challenges of working together. The pressure was real, the conflicts aplenty, exacerbated by their vastly different temperaments and working styles.

It was during this time where they felt very keenly the lack of marriage mentors. They longed for someone wiser, more experienced, someone with a shepherd's heart to journey with them during this tumultuous time in their marriage. Despite the struggles and mistakes, God taught them how to forgive, to trust, to love unconditionally. He poured His love into their hearts and healed their wounds. Slowly but surely, their marriage grew stronger as they learned to depend on the Holy Spirit and find their identity in God as His beloved.  Intimacy in their marriage deepened.

After 7 years in full-time ministry, they moved on to another phase in their lives. Francis has been working in the IT industry since. Jocelyn is currently in the training field. She conducts Leadership, Design Thinking, Growth Mindset, Conflict Resolution and other critical life skills programs in schools. They enjoy journeying with younger couples., offering a listening ear and sharing struggles and victories.

They long to see the power of God at work in marriages. They attended a Love After Marriage workshop (birthed at Bethel Church in Redding, California) by Barry and Lori Byrne some years back. This workshop was instrumental in bringing about a restoration and healing in their marriage. The Holy Spirit had moved powerfully in their lives and these experiences birthed in them a passion to see revival taking place in marriages and families. A Holy Spirit empowered revival that transforms relationships - first in the home, then in the community and eventually impacting the nations.

How Joo & Sijia

How Joo and Sijia have been married since 2009. Both of them are primary school teachers by profession. They have begun serving God since their university days.  They desire to pass down their legacy - loving God, loving people. They are passionate musicians and have been serving in the  church worship ministry for more than a decade. Despite not having children of their own, they believe in investing into the next generation. In 2019, God led them into fostering but did a twist in 2020 during Circuit Breaker and blessed them with a boy, miraculously through adoption. Four months later, they welcomed their first foster son home.

Their parenthood journey is unique. Within a few months, they grew from 2 to become 2+2, parenting two primary school boys. What a huge transition! They were so amazed, only God! The family has moved to Sabah in Jun 2023 but they remain available to meet with couples over Zoom.


Both How Joo & Sijia are PREPARE-ENRICH and SYMBIS Certified Facilitators. 


James Tan, BSc, Dip HRM, PE Certified Facilitator, SYMBIS Certified Facilitator

Helen Ang, AdvDip IT, PE Certified Facilitator, SYMBIS Certified Facilitator


James and Helen have been married since 2003 and are proud parents of 2 boys. They started mentoring couples since 2017.


Having personally benefited from being mentored by their Marriage Mentors, they are inspired to pass it on and support other couples in their relationships.

They believe in investing in marriages because of its impact on families and the next generation.  It is their desire to fulfil the Great Commission through mentoring and helping others to become fruitful disciples through stronger marriages.

In late 2020, both James and Helen started their Freedom In Christ sessions, having been trained as facilitators in this programme. Through their ministry, they have blessed many individuals in strengthening their identity in Christ.

James n Kat.jpg

James Ng, B Engr, MBA, DACE, ACTA, PE Certified Facilitator, SYMBIS Certified Facilitator

Katherine Tan, B Acct, MBA, ACTA, PE Certified Facilitator, SYMBIS Certified Facilitator

James and Katherine have been married since 1989. They are proud parents to 2 young adults. Their marriage was transformed when they attended a marriage enrichment weekend retreat in 1998. The event catalysed their journey to share their experiences and learnings as Trainers/ Facilitators for marriage programmes as well as Marriage Mentors.

They are passionate to help empower couples with the knowledge, skills and attitude to live out their marriage vows every day, and to build a community that encourage and spur couples to be loving and caring spouses and parents.

Both James and Katherine are professionals by training and are also certified courseware developers and adult facilitators. James is semi-retired and running a training business, while Katherine is working part-time as head of finance and HR for an SME.

Jason Chong, BSc( Electrical & Electronic), Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management, PE Certified Facilitator.

Sandy Siak, Certified Early Childhood Educator and Administrator. PE Certified Facilitator.


 Jason and Sandy were married in 1984 and are blessed with 3 adult children and a daughter-in-law.


Marriage was challenging in the early years as their differences in personality that first attracted them to each other were causing friction in the way they related to each other.  By the grace of God, as they grew in their faith journey, they looked inward, learned to embrace their differences and celebrate their strength.

Jason and Sandy are passionate about building strong marriages. They believe that a strong foundation is essential for creating a healthy environment for a lasting and joyful marriage. Their hope is to help couples build a family grounded in shared values and love, and that future generations will be able to prosper and grow in the abundance of God’s love.


Together, they have been actively serving in the area of mentoring couples and young adults in their church for the past 15 years.

Jedd Ng, Dip (Mechatronics Engineering), PE Certified Facilitator, SYMBIS Certified Facilitator

Karen Soh, MSocSc (Counselling), PE Certified Facilitator, SYMBIS Certified Facilitator


Jedd and Karen have been married since 2010 and are the happy parents of 2 young children. In their initial marriage journey, they encountered many challenges, yet did not have adequate support. By the Grace of God, they subsequently met many couple mentors in the different phases of their marriage who walked with them, helping them overcome their differences to build a happy family. Having received help from their mentors, they hope to pass it on by journeying with other couples, to support them in living out God’s plans for their marriages and families. 

In this season of their life, their conviction is to help others strengthen their God-given identity, marital relationship and parenting. It is their mission to help others build their marriage and family on a firm foundation of Christ’s love.

Jerico Layugan, B.Sc (Informatics), M.Sc (Informatics), M.Theology (Divinity), PE Certified Facilitator

Arnie Layugan, B.Sc (Informatics), PE Certified Facilitator

Jerico and Arnie have been instrumental in pioneering the Family Life Ministry within a Filipino Congregation based in Singapore.  Serving as lay-leaders, they nurture and equip potential marriage mentors, empower couples, and facilitate marriage preparation courses.  Over the years, they have organized and conducted family and relationship workshops, seminars, retreats, and conferences, not only in Singapore but also in the UK, UAE, and the Philippines.

Their journey began as teenage sweethearts at the age of 16, culminating in marriage at 24.  Over the span of their 20+ years together, they have been blessed with a son and a daughter.


Unified in their belief, Jerico and Arnie uphold the sanctity of marriage as one of the most precious gifts bestowed by God upon His creation.  They view marriage as a sacred bond where love can flourish into a lifelong odyssey of mutual respect, trust, and companionship, fostering an environment where each partner can be the most Christlike person for one another. 

Isaac & Serene





Isaac and Serene desire to help couples grow into oneness, as they commit to walk in the love and grace of Christ Jesus, so as to glorify God in their marriage.

Both Isaac & Serene are PREPARE-ENRICH and SYMBIS Certified Facilitators.

Kelvin & Eliada.jfif

Kelvin Lee, B Business, Dip Counselling, PE Certified Facilitator, SYMBIS Certified Facilitator

Eliada Yap, M Adv Nursing Practice, Adv Dip Gerontology, PE Certified Facilitator, SYMBIS Certified Facilitator

Kelvin and Eliada have been married since 2002 and thankfully managed to avoid killing each other in their first few years as a wedded couple. In fact, they slowly began to appreciate the disagreements and “lows” in their marriage as moments that provided an honest and a better look at themselves and their relationship. It made them question and learn how loving another person is a commitment that can be so hard but yet so desirable and fulfilling.


Mentoring pre-marital and married couples has been a rewarding journey that worked at adding depth and richness to those relationships, as well as their own. Their interest in supporting and caring for those who are disadvantaged or frailer led them to work and live in different lands, adding to the variety of experiences and interesting stories to share. They enjoy journeying with each couple that come their way to uncover ways to live life to the fullest and not sweating the small stuff.

Keng Siang and Shuhua


Keng Siang and Shuhua have been married since 2002 and they have 2 teenage boys. Both are PREPARE-ENRICH and SYMBIS Certified Facilitators.

Keng Siang and Shuhua work together in their own business in construction, interior design and renovation.


Having worked together for more than 15 years, they have struggled with the conflicting relationship of being co-workers at work as well as spouses at home. This is worsened by the fact that both have vastly different personalities and working styles.


Over the years, by God's protection, they have learnt how to deal with their conflicts better - the hard way (still work in progress). And having benefited greatly from their marriage mentors, they believe that sharing what they have learnt and their journeys will benefit other couples.

KT & Winnie.jpeg

Kok Tiong  & Winnie

Kok Tiong and Winnie have been married since 1993 and they have two adult sons. Both of them are FOTF Trained Marriage Mentors, and are PREPARE-ENRICH and SYMBIS Certified Facilitators. 


Kok Tiong had been working as a CFO with an MNC before stepping out to pursue other interests together with Winnie. Winnie on the other hand was with the banking sector till she resigned more than 20 years ago to look after their sons.

In their marriage journey, they had encountered many divorces and marriage in crisis amongst both relatives and friends. This led the both of them to see the need to equip couples with awareness and skills to build strong relationships in marriage and in parenting. 

Their conviction is that a strong marriage relationship is the foundation for strong families. Their passion is to help others learn through their own mistakes, both in marital relationships and parenting. Their sons have also encouraged them to take this journey to be a support and help to other couples.

Together, they now serve actively in the family life ministry. Besides mentoring other couples, they also conduct Marriage Preparation Course for courting couples and lead a group of young parents, guiding them through the different seasons of marriage and parenting.

They find great satisfaction helping couples live out biblical principles in a practical way. 

Lawrence & Adele

Lawrence and Adele have been married since 2012 and have 2 children on earth and 2 in heaven.  Lawrence has been in the IT line since 2006 and Adele was in the social work line before joining the financial industry in 2001. Both Lawrence & Adele are PREPARE-ENRICH and SYMBIS Certified Facilitators. 


Lawrence and Adele believe in keeping their marriage strong and impacting the lives of children for the generations to come.  They recognise that the security of their children is built on the strength of their marriage.

They are thankful to God for blessing them with each other and giving them wonderful children to nurture and bring up.  They hope that through mentoring, they can share their experiences and love story to inspire other couples.

Michael & Soo Fong


Michael & Soo have been married since 1997 with 3 lovely daughters. Michael & Soo are PREPARE-ENRICH & SYMBIS certified facilitators and both have Master’s in Divinity (Teaching & Exposition) from East Asia School of Theology. They have been involved with couples over the past 15 years as leaders of small church groups.


Michael is an entrepreneur, heading a family business and a couple of business as mission start-ups. While Soo is involved in the finance part of the family business.


Marriage is a journey, and the covenants of salvation and marriage are paralleled; in their journey they hope to encourage and help others discover that marriage reveals God’s image and love.

Patrick and Yee Wah

Patrick & Yee Wah are both PREPARE-ENRICH & SYMBIS certified facilitators. They have been married since 1997. They have 2 daughters, one in her teens and the other just entering adulthood.

Both of them work in the IT sector, Patrick in the healthcare industry and Yee Wah in the civil service.

The family worships at Grace Assembly of God, where Patrick serves in the creative arts ministry and Yee Wah leads and facilitates a church group.

Having experienced the goodness of God in their own marriage, they hope to help other couples in their marital journey.

Dr Peter Cheng, Ph.D. in Education, M.A. in Education & Human Development, Certified Master for The Leadership Challenge®, Certified Master Coach with the Behavioural Coaching Institute (BCI), Certified Practitioner of MBTI® Step I™ and Step II™, PE Certified Facilitator, SYMBIS Certified Facilitators

Dr Lily Cheng, Ph.D. in Education, M.A. in Education & Human Development,  Certified Master for The Leadership Challenge®, Certified Master Coach with the Behavioural Coaching Institute (BCI), Certified Practitioner of MBTI® Step I™ and Step II™, PE Certified Facilitator, SYMBIS Certified Facilitators


Dr Peter Cheng and Dr Lily Cheng have been married since 1985 and they are blessed with 3 adult children and 4 grandchildren.  They have been involved in different church ministries - worship, children’s church, premarital preparation coaching sessions and personality profiling for couples and young adults.


Both Peter and Lily are co-founders of PACE O.D. Consulting that specialises in organisational development (OD) interventions to help organisations to achieve organisational effectiveness.

Their business credo is being real matters, which is a pre-cursor to organisations solving real problems in real-time.  


As marriage mentors, they believe being God-centered in marriage matters. In this season of their lives, they look forward to serving God by partnering with other couples to enjoy and sustain their marriages through Godly principles.

Ray, BSc Finance Management. PE Certified Facilitator, SYMBIS Certified Facilitator

Helen, BA Business Administration. PE Certified Facilitator, SYMBIS Certified Facilitator


Helen and Ray have been happily married since 2012 and have been serving as marriage mentors since 2015. Ray is a Public service officer while Helen works as a HR professional.

Having been mentored themselves, Helen and Ray are excited to partner courting couples in their preparation for a new life chapter.

They believe a strong marriage is the key foundation to a well knitted family and the moral compass in the fabric of society.


Despite their contrasting characteristics and background, Helen and Ray are enjoying every aspect of couple-hood. If you are curious about how 2 unique individuals can also live a rewarding marriage life, do reach out to them personally to find out more.


Richard Yeoh, Dip in Chemical Process and Technology, PE Certified Facilitator, SYMBIS Certified Facilitators

Lee Yuet Mei, B. Nursing, Registered Nurse (School of Nursing, Singapore), PE Certified Facilitator, SYMBIS Certified Facilitators

Richard and Yuet Mei have been married since 1997 with 2 sons. They have been actively serving in the church for more than 20 years especially in the family life ministry.

Richard had worked in the petrochemical industry for 28 years, while Yuet Mei is a trained staff nurse. In 2017, God led them to start Go Forth, a transport service for persons with special needs (Check out their story in the link below).

Having experienced the redeeming work of Christ in their own families, Richard and Yuet Mei are passionate about building strong and godly families. They believe families are the foundation of a nation. They are convicted that with God, a married couple can grow stronger together and be a great blessing to their children and the generations to come.

Since 2016, they have both been mentoring courting and married couples and have also conducted Marriage Preparation Course for courting couples. They strongly believe that marriages done God's way will reap godly results.

Their life’s motto: "Only one life and soon it will pass, but only what is done for Christ will last“. Read their story here.

Rizvan Jacob & Amanda Kee 


Rizvan Jacob and Amanda Kee have been married for six years. Both are PREPARE-ENRICH and SYMBIS Certified Facilitators. Rizvan is an engineer and Amanda is a communications professional.  They are night and day, and while that made the early years of marriage challenging, they found support through mentorship and have grown in their faith and commitment to build a strong marriage together.  Their different personalities can make finding ways to serve God together challenging, but they decided to become marriage mentors themselves to bring the benefits of mentorship to more couples.

They hope to be a source of encouragement to other young couples, and to normalise married couples 'doing life' together with other married couples where difficulties and triumphs are grieved and celebrated together with other brothers and sisters in Christ.

Simon Chan, Adv. Dip in Computer Science, PE Certified Facilitator, SYMBIS Certified Facilitator

Sherry Ling, Bachelor  of Commerce, Double Major in Banking and Finance, PE Certified Facilitator, SYMBIS Certified Facilitator

Simon and Sherry married in 2003 and are happy parents of two children and have had their share of struggles and victories as a couple. They have benefitted tremendously from the marriage mentoring with Prepare/Enrich programme.  Through that, they experienced first-hand the healing and revival it has brought to their marriage.


Inspired to pass it on, they have been mentoring married and courting couples since 2018. They use the marriage mentoring platform to build healthy, long-lasting Christ-centered relationships. Their desire is to  journey with their couples through the different seasons of life and marriage together as friends and confidant.


They have also been actively involved in their church since 2004, serving and leading various ministries, including facilitating the Parenting Preparation Course for to-be parents.


Professionally, Simon has been in the financial industry for 30 years in various IT roles and Sherry is currently working in the social service sector after a decade in the banking and recruitment industry. She is presently pursuing a Masters in Counselling.

Steven & Nancy


Steven and Nancy married in 1976. They are blessed with two daughters who are married with children. Steven has been in the aviation industry for decades and is currently a trainer with an airplane manufacturer while Nancy has been a homemaker after quitting the workforce to nurture the children. Both are actively involved in the cell ministry. Having benefitted from marriage enrichment programs, they want to contribute towards building good and strong marriages.

Both Steven & Nancy are PREPARE-ENRICH and SYMBIS Certified Facilitators.

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-21 at

Soh Chin Heng, B.Sc (Hons) Mathematics, Certified Financial Planner, Certified PE Facilitator, SYMBIS Certified Facilitator

Nar Lay Choo, B.Sc (Hons) Micro & Molecular Bio, M.Sc (Clinical Pharmacology), PGDE (Bio & Chem), PE Certified Facilitator, SYMBIS Certified Facilitator

Chin Heng and Lay Choo have been married since 1993 and are proud parents of two adult sons.  Chin Heng was a public officer for 30 years and is now the Executive Director of Hope Centre and Senior Advisor to CPF Board. Lay Choo was a researcher and teacher, and is now a tutor. In recent years, they have been mentoring courting and married couples as well as individuals in the church family. Their marriage is enriched by their marriage mentors and as a couple, they want to share God’s blessings to build healthy marriages with other couples.


Tan Ah Tuan, Dipl.-Ing. (FH), MS EE, PE Seminar Director & Certified Facilitator, SYMBIS Certified Facilitator, Certified DISC Behavioural Consultant

Jaclyn Tan, DISE (Dip in Special Needs), PGDE, MA (Counselling), PE Seminar Director & Certified Facilitator, SYMBIS Certified Facilitator, Certified DISC Behavioural Consultant


Both Tuan and Jaclyn are Alpha course Trained Facilitators, FOTF Trained Marriage Mentors, FOTF Trained Parenting Mentor and PE Seminar Director & Certified Facilitator.


Tuan and Jaclyn married in 1995 and are blessed with three adult sons. Tuan is in the leadership team of a commercial company. Jaclyn is a SAHM and happily doing volunteer work with NGOs. In doing voluntary work, she finds it a very meaningful way to invest her time and serve the community.

From their years of mentoring families, young adults and serving in children’s church, Tuan and Jaclyn recognise that a strong marriage is the foundation of a healthy family. They have seen how marriages impact development and health of both young children and young adults.  It was with this motivation of wanting to strengthen families that they have been mentoring courting and married couples to equip them with knowledge and skills to build strong marriages.

COL (R) Tan Nam Seng,  B Engr, M SS (Counselling), M Ed, Graduate of Sch of Leadership (Tung Ling Bible School), PE Seminar Director & Certified Facilitator, Certified DISC Behavioural Consultant, SYMBIS Organisation Leader and Certified Facilitator

Tan Sok Mian, BA (Social Work), PGDE, Dip (Special Needs), PE Seminar Director & Certified Facilitator, SYMBIS Organisation Leader and Certified Facilitator

Nam Seng and Sok Mian have been married since 1988 with 2 adult daughters.


Together they have been involved in serving families for more than 30 years. Over these years, they have headed the children’s church, worked with children from single-parent families, prepared courting couples for marriage and mentored marriages.

They conduct Marriage Preparation Courses as well as Marriage Mentoring courses for churches, and have been serving as trainers/facilitators with Focus on the Family for more than 19 years. In 2017-18 they also worked with Fei Yue on the Early Marriage Support programme.

Nam Seng and Sok Mian believe in investing in marriages as their conviction is that when marriages are healthy, families will be stronger.  Their dream is to see marriages reflecting Christ’s love for the Church and couples living out the abundant life that Christ has promised.

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Ting Seng Eng, MEd, PE Certified Facilitator, SYMBIS Certified Facilitator

Wong Kia Ping, BEd (Special Education) , PE Certified Facilitator, SYMBIS Certified Facilitator

Seng Eng and Kia Ping have been married since 1984 and have 2 adult children, and 2 very adorable grandchildren. Over the years, they have both been active in the music ministry.  They have also gone on mission trips, ministering to the people, sharing and preaching the word of God in Indonesia and Vietnam.

Seng Eng has served in a pastoral role for a few years, serving in various roles as cell group leader, ministry leader, and pastoral care. He is currently working as an educator, and really enjoys his morning coffee.


Having retired from her job as an educator, Kia Ping spends most of her time cooking and baking, as well as helping out with the grandchildren.


As a duo, they want to share God’s blessings for a good and healthy marriage with other couples. They have a passion for spreading the unity of a God-filled home to the people around them.

Victor and Linda 

PE Certified Facilitators

Victor and Linda has been married since 1988. They are happy parents to 2 adult children.

Victor Lim was a retail professional with more than 28 years of management, strategic planning and operational experience in various roles in Singapore and Asia. Over the years he had served in various ministries in church as well as being board member in church and St Luke’s Hospital. He currently worships at Trinity Christian Centre with his wife. Victor is now pursuing part time theological course in TCA College. 

Linda began her career in the insurance industry with various roles in marketing. With the arrival of children in the family she paused her career to look after the family. In recent years, she resumed her career as a senior early childhood educator. She loves working with children and imparting God’s words into the young lives.  

Wee Guan & Caroline

PE Certified Facilitators


Both Wee Guan & Caroline are PE and SYMBIS certified facilitators. They have been married since 1997 and are blessed with 2 young adult sons.

Wee Guan is currently working as a sales professional, leading the South Asia team in an MNC while Caroline is head of operations in a financial institution. The family worships at Trinity@Paya Lebar and are both active in small group ministry, serving as Connect Group Leaders.

Through their own personal experiences with the ups and downs of marriage and family life, they desire to share, bless and enrich the marriage life of other couples.

Yew San Ho, B. Sc (Psychology), Post Graduate Diploma of Psychology, MBTI Certified Administrator (Step I and II), PE And SYMBIS Certified Facilitator.  Completed Level 1, 2 and 3 Gottman Couples Therapy, Trained Practitioner Psychotherapist and certified member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (USA). B. Sc (Psychology).

Priscilla Kua, Master of Counselling (Advanced), Specialist Dip in Early Childhood Education, PE and SYMBIS Certified Facilitator. Completed Level 1, 2 and 3 Gottman Couples Therapy.

San Ho and Pris have been married for 30 yrs & are parents of 3 young adults sons & 2 teenage daughters. 

San Ho is a bi-vocational Family Life pastor overseeing Couples Mentoring together with Pris who is a counsellor in a private practice. They are convinced that marriage mentoring will greatly bless couples as they believe marriage can be enriched by trained mentors who can provide foresight through their hindsight.  

They believe that “1+1=1”, while mathematically wrong, is relationally right.

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