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About Us - Bridging Hearts

Our Mission is to empower marriages and strengthen families


Bridging Hearts was conceived as a platform to work with others to prepare courting couples for a life-long commitment in marriage, to help transform marriages from good to great and to mobilise marriages to serve others. This organisation is formed by a group of like-minded couples with a passion for marriages & families. Our desire is to use our own marriage as a platform to serve and support marriages in the community. 

As the name Bridging Hearts suggests - we aim to help bridge the hearts of husbands and wives.  We believe that a healthy and thriving marriage is a testimony to a world plagued with dysfunctional marriages and families.  It is also the key to healthy families and the best legacy we can leave for future generations.

Increasingly marriages are under threat. The number of unhappy/distressed marriages or divorces have been increasing, but yet there are still limited affordable avenues for help, especially for faith-based marriages.  In Bridging Hearts, we believe in “marriages discipling marriages”.  Through equipping and marriage mentoring, we can positively impact marriages in a powerful way. We have seen how both mentor- and mentee-couples grow through their journey together.


Our programmes and services are focused on equipping and mentoring courting and married couples for a life-long marriage, as well as empowering married couples to be Marriage Mentors.

Bridging Hearts is registered in September 2020 as a not-for-profit organisation.


There are no paid staff in Bridging Hearts, it is fully run by volunteers.

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