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 What others said about their mentoring journey with

Bridging Hearts Marriage Mentors


"James and Helen are very friendly, warm and always ready to provide us with a listening ear. Their hospitable actions make us feel at home and they are able to help me and my partner learn our strengths and how we can improve from there. Through this course, I have learnt how to better manage expectations and communicate with my partner to see from his perspective of view." 

Weiliang (Pre Married) May 2021

"We are very appreciative to Chin Heng and Lay Choo for sowing into our marriage. They were very patient with us in accommodating to our changing schedule and make time for us. Their explanation of the report help us in identifying areas we can grow as a couple. There are also many insightful sharing on different aspects of marriage that we had learned. Thank you so much to Chin Heng and Lay Choo for mentoring us."

Chua Kim Peng, Jun 2021

"Nam Seng and Sok Mian are very patient and understanding. They make you feel comfortable to share any issues you have without fear of judgement. With their years of experience dealing with couples, they were able to enlighten us on our root issues and give us a better understanding of each other."

Cassandra Yeo, Jun 2021

"We felt very supported and safe with our mentors. We could see that they genuinely cared about us and our marriage. They were extremely patient to listen and gentle in the way they sought to understand the issues in our marriage. They were very insightful & sharp to discern what the root problems were. The advice they gave was very wise and helpful. They gave us good principles to apply for different situations. Thank you James & Kat!"

Lu Zhenyuan, Jun 2021


"It is a great honor and pleasure to be mentored by Ming and Eddie! They were very authentic in their sharing, and were able to empathise with my husband and I, even as we worked through the different possible blind spots in our marriage. They were also able to provide godly, timely advice, and we were strengthened and encouraged in our faith at the same time. This is a friendship and mentorship that we hope will last for years to come!"

Zhen Ying, Jul 2021

"Peter & Lily are God-sent to us in a time when we need a transforming change in our marriage journey. A God-fearing, patient and nurturing husband and wife team."

Norman Sim, Aug 2021



"Our mentors, Tuan and Jac, are very nice and patient. we learn a lot about our marriage/life through the questions that were asked and we are very bless with the sharing from them."

Joshua Wong, Aug 2021


"I was in New Zealand when Nic and I started the PE journey. Even though it's their first time conducting PE through zoom, Helen and Ray put in 110% effort to do this for us and I really appreciate them taking on the challenge. I could see right from the get go that they're passionate about mentoring couples. Thank you so much Helen and Ray! Nic and I can't imagine having any other couple to mentor us."

Carol Yang (Pre-Married), Nov, 2021

"Nam Seng and Sok Mian were very attentive in listening to our stories and sharing and through those sharing they drew relevance and application to our PE results. They were able to process some of our thoughts together with us in relation to our PE results, they helped us to discover and uncover parts of our relationship that we could take note and work on them. Beyond that, through their lives, I personally caught a glimpse of a strong and worked out marriage that is built upon God and His love."

Crystal Han (Pre-Married), Dec 2021

"Before we came to this session, our relationship was disgruntling and we were unhappy. It was full of conflicts and we didn't know how to resolve them. I feel these sessions have definitely helped us understand how to communicate better and taught us how to approach conflict resolution among many other important skills that can be applied not just as a couple, but also in our daily life. Our mentors, Chee Kiat & Elaine, always listen to us with open hearts and minds, guiding and moulding us. I'm very thankful for them and for this program."

Antonio (Pre-Married), Jan 2022

"Isaac and Serene are both very gentle, generous and gracious throughout the sessions. We are grateful to have been under their mentorship. It is an asset for the association to have them and a blessing for any couples to be under their care."

Charles Tan, Jan 2022

"Tuan & Jaclyn have been really helpful in terms of pointing us back to the Word when it comes to understanding how we can build a healthy relationship that is God-centered. They are very friendly and able to share a lot of their experiences with us."

Clement (Pre-Married), Apr 2022

"Joseph and Esther are great facilitators for our Prepare/Enrich programme. They took time to listen to our needs and shared valuable insights from their own experiences. They made the sessions very safe and comfortable to be vulnerable with them. Their hearts for people have inspired me to want to do the same for others."

Christine Chen (Pre-Married), Apr 2022

"Simon & Sherry were understandable of cultural differences of the couple and was able to facilitate with empathy."

Louisa (Pre-Married), May 2022

"Jedd and Karen have been awesome marriage mentors and friends. They have always been so open to sharing, giving us the warmth and assuring us that it is okay to be vulnerable during these sessions, creating a safe space for us to share and understand my partner better."

Nicholas (Pre-Married), May 2022


"Felt more relieved after hearing someone who faced similar situations and was able to relate to some of
our problems and issues. Overall, the sessions allowed us to be more open to each other and able to
speak up without having to worry about being judged. Our Marriage Mentors: Lawrence & Adele."


Phang Ye Shze (Pre-Married), May 2022



"Keng Siang and Siok Hwa were very genuine and authentic, very open to share their experiences. They really listened attentively as we shared, showed much empathy, yet at the same time challenging us gently by asking questions that caused us to confront the issues we faced. I left every session understanding so much more, and at the same time challenged, encouraged and filled with hope!"

Goh Kgoon Liang, Jun 2022

"We are truly blessed by Mei and Richard as they genuinely care for us. The sacrifice and effort they have put in to mentor us have touched our hearts deeply. We have benefited greatly from their wisdom on a Godly marriage and their candid sharing of their personal journey. May God bless them and their ministry!"

Long, Aug 2022



"Isaac & Serene are a great duo. They complement each other very well and are both great educators. They’re good listeners and understood where we came from. They were able to adapt the course to our needs. They also addressed things that weren’t very comfortable, and yet did it with grace, understanding and compassion."

Claudia Ong (Pre- Married), Sep 2022


"The mentoring sessions have helped us start talking about the difficult issues and past hurts which would 
have otherwise remained buried. We had great mentors, James & Kat, who heard us, understood our issues and helped guide us."


Kheng Tek, Oct 2022


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