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Becoming A Marriage Mentor

Godly marriages make strong families.  The Marriage Mentor Training (MMT) course equips married couples, who desire to use their own marriage to bless other couples, with the skills and confidence to become effective Marriage Mentors.   

Objectives of the training:


To enable couples to:

  1. Understand and apply basic mentoring skills to mentor couples

  2. Understand common issues that cause conflicts in marriages

  3. Apply biblical principles and values to help couples

  4. Administer and use the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment tool to mentor couples

How do I know if I can be a Marriage Mentor?

Marriage Mentors must be passionate about empowering marriages and strengthening families.

The following are the pre-requisites for couples who desire to become Marriage Mentors:

  1. Be married for at least 5 years (or as required by the organisation)

  2. Be in a stable and growing marriage

  3. Be willing to work as a couple to mentor marriages

  4. Subscribe to the goals of Marriage Mentoring

  5. Have demonstrated pastoral care and love for people in the church and community

  6. Have the desire to see other couples grow in their marriages

  7. Have the desire to grow spiritually

  8. Be active members of a local Church

  9. Be recommended by their Pastoral Staff/Ministry Heads who are confident that they are able to mentor other couples.


*Churches who wish to engage Bridging Hearts for the training of Marriage Mentors may have other criterion or requirements which are in addition to what is stated above.

How can my spouse and I be trained to be Marriage Mentors?

The training consists of 2 parts:


Part 1: Marriage Mentoring Sessions by Bridging Hearts Marriage Mentors 


Every couple will have to undergo a process of being mentored by a mentor couple from Bridging Hearts, using the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment tool.


The purpose is for the couple to:

  • Understand and deal with the strengths and growth areas in their own marriage

  • Have a personal experience of the marriage mentoring process

  • Gain clarity on mentoring techniques


Duration: 9 to 15 hours spread over 3-5 sessions

Cost: USD35/couple for the online PREPARE/ENRICH assessment

After these sessions, the participants, together with the feedback from their Marriage Mentors, can then consider if they are ready to be trained to become Marriage Mentors. 

Part 2: 2-day Marriage Mentoring Training with Prepare/Enrich Certification 

The 2-day course will cover the following areas:

Day 1:

  1. God’s design for marriage

  2. Love & Respect

  3. Worldly View vs Biblical View of marriage

  4. Foundation of Marriage Mentoring

  5. Key mentoring skills

(Note: Day 1 content can be conducted over 4 x ZOOM sessions of 2-2.5 hours each)

Day 2:

  1. Mentoring process using PREPARE/ENRICH assessment tool

  2. Interpreting and applying the PREPARE/ENRICH results to help mentee couples

  3. Role play and practical guidance in mentoring using the PREPARE/ENRICH workbook

Cost: SGD320/couple (after subsidies) with effect from Jan 2024

Duration: 18 hours over 2 full-day in-person training OR over 4 x 2.5-hour zoom sessions + 1 full day

Working alongside and supporting Churches: 

It is Bridging Hearts' desire and strategy to partner churches - so that churches can raise, train and mobilize their own team of Marriage Mentors to support marriages and strengthen families within their own community. 


To Pastoral Leaders:

  1. We are here to serve you and the church.

  2. We want to work with you to incubate a culture of marriage mentoring in the church, where marriages disciple marriages.

To Potential Marriage Mentors:

  1. Let your hindsight be another couple's foresight.

  2. Let your marriage be strengthened as you strengthen others'.

Getting Started


For church leaders who are keen to work with us to raise, train and mobilize Marriage Mentors, do get in touch with us at:

  1. or,

  2. Call us: Nam Seng @ 97858467, or James Ng @ 97978088

  3. Connect with us here.

For couples who are passionate about wanting to be a support and help to marriages and families, do connect with us at the above contacts or fill in the application form here:

Marriage Mentoring Training with PREPARE/ENRICH Certification (BH MMT) 
2024 Schedule

NOTE * the course dates are subject to change and minimal capacity requirements. Applicants will be informed at least 1 month prior to the start date. With effect from Jan 2024, the cost of training will be S$320 per couple.

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