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Marriage Mentors on the Marriage Mentoring Training

"It was a truly enriching experience for my marriage. The course taught us many many insights and equipped us with the relevant skills to engage and conduct our mentoring sessions with our couple mentees. There is just a wealth of knowledge and experience from Nam seng & Sok Mian. Their heart for the lord in this ministry is just simply amazing. We are truly blessed by them."

Wilson Tan, Bethel Assemble of God, Aug 23


Lian Jiah, City Harvest Church, Aug 23

"This course is definitely useful for my marriage and ministry. I have equipped with skills, and knowledge to strengthen my marriage. Furthermore , I have been empowered to do the same for others. This is an amazing journey that I have just started."

Joshua Koh, City Harvest Church, Aug 23

"Nam Seng and Sok have been extremely engaging in training me to be a better marriage mentor. The course was instructive and beneficial to me. The materials were relevant and helpful to better understand where couples may be in trouble in their marriage and in helping one to discern the issues at hand."

Steven Cheong, Cornerstone Community Church, Aug 2023

"The course gave me better tools and guidance to be more effective mentor. The trainers were very helpful to explain the principles of a good marriage and provided real life experience examples to better understand the importance of the materials being shared."

Anthony Lee, Cornerstone Community Church, Aug 2023

"We have benefitted as a couple and encourage more to consider this course to be part of the journey to build stronger marriages." 

Winston Sng, Woodlands Evangelical Free Church, Aug 2023 

"I love how Nam Seng and Sok Mian place a greater emphasis of discipling couples in marriage mentoring, rather than just simply running through contents of the P/E tool. Thank you for going the extra mile and making this learning experience so much more personal and inspiring!"

XinYing Lim, Hope Singapore, Aug 2023

"Good course to help us understand and strengthen our own marriage before helping others who are preparing to enter into marriage." 

Angelina Lau, St Andrew's Cathedral Church, Aug 2023

"The course is definitely useful as it helped us understand how to effectively use the PE tool and how to facilitate conversations with mentee couples meaningfully. Knowing that we’ll continue to have support from our mentor couples as we start to mentor other mentee couples is also very reassuring. The facilitators are very knowledgeable and have much experiences mentoring others; the sharing of their learning points is valuable!  In my opinion, Bridging Hearts has the most comprehensive marriage mentoring training in Singapore, coupled with strong process design and content, diagnostics and programme implementation.

Gerald & Clarissa, COOS, Jun 2023

"Blessed to be able to start this journey. It has helped us to understand each other better as a couple, better leverage on our strengths and work on our growth areas. We are excited to see where God will take us in this journey as we trust God to lead."

Darienna Foo, Bethel AG Jun 2023

"The knowledge and tools to make our marriage and people we love stronger. Excellent materials to guide marriage mentors."

Victor Lim, BCC, Apr 2023

"Feel more equipped to help other couples in their journey in their marriage. I learn the language of mentoring, how to facilitate (a more manageable load) rather than to be the saviour (which is more burdensome)" 

Jeanette Koh, SAC, Apr 2023

"The training coupled with the experiential mentoring sessions was helpful for our own marriage and provided good handles for ministry mentoring. The wealth of experience/case studies shared was really appreciated to connect theory with reality."

Erny, WEFC, Mar 2023

"Enthusiastic. Funny. Clear n concise. Highly recommended."

Te Neng, WEFC, Mar 2023

"We have been blessed by our marriage mentors during the 1st 2 years of our marriage and we really hope to contribute and bless our couples with their marriages. This course provided the tools and the skills that we can adopt to be better equipped in serving God in this area. Thankful for such experience facilitators who are able to share their different experiences with couples and preparing us for this ministry!"

Jessica Tong, WEFC, Mar 2023

"We have a burden to help young married couples build a strong foundation for their marriage. But we never knew what we did with those we helped are right or wrong. But after attending this course, we are more confident and know how we can help couples more effectively with evidence based assessment tools as well as mentors to help us along the way. Thank you so much!"

Joyce Tham, CHC, Nov 2022

" 对自己有帮帮助。对督导他人更有帮助。"


卢颖, SACM, Oct 2022

"The anecdotes of the mentoring sessions with different kinds of couples helped to illustrate the skills to be applied. The role plays were useful to help apply the skills taught and made me conscious of what is important."

Neo Ee Koon, LSBC, Oct 2022

"Have the chance to be mentored and have a basic idea how this is done. Hope to be able to pass on this knowledge and save some marriages along the way."

"This course was a wonderful opportunity to reflect on our own marriage, and to be equipped to mentor others in doing the same. Exciting work that God is doing!"

- Cheryl Tan, SAC, Sep 2022


"Nam Seng and Sok Mian have inspired my husband and I through their passion & wonderful ministry to the churches in training marriage mentors."

- Dinah Tan, SAC, Jan 2022

"I'm thoroughly glad I joined the course with my husband because of the knowledge I've gained and also how the teachers Nam Seng and Sok Mian repeatedly tell us to "reflect" upon what we've learnt so that we can apply our knowledge to our own marriage. We joined the course as a very young married couple amongst all the older couples and yet have really gained understanding on the struggles and seasons marriages go through- it's like a pre-empt for us before we advance into later years! Will definitely be studying their workbook so that we can apply what we've learnt for our personal lives and for those around us."

- Charlene, KCC, Oct 2021

"I am much motivated and learned to do marriage mentoring by going through this course because of the practical and relevant training in relationship building and communication."

- Tan Kok Thye, CEFC, Oct 2021


"The diagnostic tool is very useful “marriage health check-up” which is more scientific than us “feeling n sensing around”, it provided depth for further discussion which is very useful for us as a couple."

- Ng Lee Keng, CHC, Sep 2021



"Nam Seng and Siok Mian are articulate and experienced instructors who adopted a light hearted yet informative approach towards imparting their knowledge. I strongly recommend them to anyone who is looking to gain insights into their own marriage or looking to mentor others in their marriages!"

- Jared Lim, CHC, Aug 2021

"This course is indeed helpful as marriage mentorship is akin to building a relationship. And that is key in our ministry. As we equipped ourselves with the knowledge and practical skills and the wisdom from God, we can touch more lives and bless people around us and ourselves."

- ZhongYan, CHC, Jul 2021 

"Very good handles and specific examples given. Appreciated the 4 zoom sessions first before coming to do the PE training as it gave us almost 1 month to reflect and consolidate."

- Phoebe, BPMC, Jul 2021

"It has been very enlightening personally as there were many areas I did not know that affected the relationship and with many practicals steps to improve the relationship. Also the sharing about mentoring aspect etc has been very useful and will be for ministry."

- Hilda, 3:16, Jun 2021

"Insights on using PE, good biblical concepts and maxims, reinforce concepts like gender differences and worldviews, learning from each other through padlet, very comprehensive."

- Ps Jason, BCC, Mar 2021



"I felt hopefully as I'm given me some handles and insights in mentoring couples with issues. The assessment tools were comprehensive and useful."

- Serene Kang, BCC, Jan 2021 

“We have benefitted a lot. The course is very practical. More than just the theory, we benefitted from the experience of the trainers.”

- Chester & Susan, FMHC, Aug 2020 



“The practical area of the course enables us to apply the learned principles into "real life situations". The trainers' openness to share their experiences add further understanding and application in real life challenges.”

- Richard & Stephanie, Bethel AG, Aug 2020 


“Very intense yet insightful with few candid moments to make the learning sessions palatable. Especially the blue book, every part was prayerfully and passionately thought out.”

- Daniel & Janice, Hope, Aug 2020 

“We have learned a structured way of walking with couples. This is especially helpful with couples that we haven’t previously had rapport with. We feel more confident to mentor couples.”


- Jason & Ruth, Cornerstone, Jul 2020 


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